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Flabor CMS installation and configuration possibilities make it an excellent alternative to other known CMSs such as WordPress, TYPO3 or Joomla and suitable for small private sites, but also for more complex professional projects. In addition to the advantages already indicated, Flabor CMS is characterized by the following characteristics:
Multilingual site

With Flabor CMS you can manage multiple versions of the same page in a single installation to create multilingual sites on different domains. The CMS interface itself is also multilingual, available in German, English, Spanish and French.


Create keywords to group similar topics, thus arranging articles in an even more dynamic way. Flabor CMS tags are keywords that you attach to your blog posts, news releases, or other content that act like labels to tell your browsers what it’s about.

Image management

Image management and processing: Flabor CMS automatically adapts your images, photos and other graphic elements to the right format, otherwise you can also take care of the rendering independently. Flabor automatically manages an image adapting it perfectly to the style of the page, based on ImageMagick's powerful image processing tools. All images are temporarily saved in the cache.

Upload Files

Upload multiple files: you can upload multiple files to the server at the same time and order them via drag & drop. So you can easily create image galleries without having to transfer one file at a time.

Full text search

You can search among the created pages or the tags thanks to the internal search engine. Direct searches on PostgreSQL databases indexed and optimized for a quick response to the query.

SEO Elements

In addition to modifying typical SEO elements such as title and meta-description, the system supports search engine optimization by generating automatic forwards when a page address is changed, so that neither visitors nor search engines run into incorrect links. In addition, you can add other SEO tools as well, choosing from the wide range of Ruby extensions (RubyGems).


    • Basic

      30 mo
      • 10 Users
      • 50 Blog Posts/mo
      • 1 Language
      • Native SEO Oriented
      • - -
      • NBD Support
    • Premier

      90 mo
      • 100 Users
      • 300 Blog Posts/mo
      • 5 Languages
      • Native SEO Oriented
      • Wordpress Migration
      • 24/7 Support
Flabor Content Management System
Given its versatile nature, which makes Flabor more than just a CMS, making it look like an extension of the Ruby on Rails framework, there are almost no limits to the creativity of programmers.

This project is based on the Ruby on Rails framework and for this reason, unlike other CMSs, Flabor uses the Ruby programming language. Thanks to this basis, flexibility and a high degree of security are given to the CMS in the development of various projects. It is possible to adapt all the elements optimally to your processes and according to your needs; the system can be easily expanded with RubyGems.

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