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Digital Branding

We can help you find the precise message to clearly speak to who you are as a company with a video of your infrastructure.

Web Interactive

Your website will be more appealing with a video showing the structure from an absolutely unique point of view.

Graphic Design

We are able to customize and contextualize the video within your site in a harmonious way.

Air Footage over Villa Marcello Loredan Franchin

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We provide high quality and cost effective video for web.

Our Services

Air Footage Division specializes in aerial filming with drones for different types of intervention. We make video-photographic shots for tourism promotion, public and private events, environmental monitoring, research on the territory, inspections on infrastructures, monitoring of agricultural crops. Air Footage Division also deals with the disclosure of aerial footage on the Internet. The service provides for the implementation of the Internet site and the positioning of the site on Google.

Infrastructure inspection

We specialize in aerial inspections with drones for different types of civil and industrial infrastructures and various critical issues: Verification of damage and wear to bridges, viaducts, wind turbines, power lines, solar panels, asbestos roofs, roofs, cultural heritage and verification of the thermal dispersion of civil and industrial plants or buildings by means of thermography.

Environmental monitoring

Safeguarding the territory and emergency scenario inspections. We offer environmental monitoring services with drones. We specialize in aerial video and photographic shooting for the protection of the territory or the analysis of emergency scenarios: detection of building abuse or water pollution, assessment of the hydrogeological status of the territory - Riverbed checks, Monitoring of landslide affected areas, emergency and rescue research missions in disaster areas, inspections of scenarios affected by fires, assessment of damage caused by natural events.

Monitoring of Agricultural Crops

We offer aerial detection services with drones for crop control, early identification of parasites, assessment of damage caused by weather events, checks on the health and maturity of the crop through monitoring with sensors and RGB spectral analysis tools.

Tourism promotion

We offer aerial video and photographic services with drones for the promotion of tourist activities. These services are available for every type of accommodation: Municipalities - Pro-loco, Tourist agencies, Entertainment places, Tourism promotion bodies, Agritourisms, hotels, hotel complexes, Bathing establishments, tourist resorts, ski areas. Monuments and cultural heritage in general. We also offer web promotion services for tourism activities with the creation of the website and positioning on google.

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Agricultural Drones Drones Are Revolutionizing Agriculture.
Drone technology is a phenomenal innovation that continues to have far-reaching effects across today’s society, transforming our lives and the way we do business. The agricultural industry have embraced drone technology with open arms, using advanced tools they can transform a modern farming.
High-tech drones allow farmers to increase efficiency in certain aspects of the farming process. From crop monitoring to planting, irrigation mapping, crop spraying, livestock management.
This approach to farming management is based on observing, measuring, and taking action based on real-time crop and livestock data. Scouting land and crops. Checking for weeds and spot treating plants, monitoring overall crop health, managing livestock and monitoring for health issues.
We have short and long range fixed wing drones, multirotors and even access to interior drone capabilities.
We bring the right tools to get your job done right.


Our precision agriculture platform helps you to optimize inputs, yields and automation.


Experience data collection with advanced sensors. Start mapping immediately with the included visual sensor. Add sophisticated sensors for specialty applications. Our Packages are fully compatible with a number of advanced sensors.

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